Saturday, 17 October 2015

8 Ways Ladies Treat Their Boyfriends When They Start Seeing Richer Men

We all know that we now live in a society where financial pressure is always mounted on guys. And this is because that's the way God designed it and nothing can change it. To a large extent, this notion that men are the providers has turned many ladies to lazy bone, hence, looking for guys they will scam to meet ends needs, while they do nothing.

In recent time, all we hear is money this, money that, and you begin to wonder what the world is really turning to. Ooooh yes !! money plays a vital role in relationships and its impact cannot be over emphasized anytime any day, but the question is, what do these ladies who worship money have to offer? 
  • 1. They get unnecessarily cold
One thing I have seen when the interest of a lady is dwindling in a relationship, is that she becomes incessantly quiet, hence, using monosyllabic words especially during chat. This is because you do not interest her anymore because she has started seeing a richer guy
  • 2. She starts demanding for what you can't afford
Some of them will suddenly start demanding unnecessary the moment someone out there is doing something you are not capable of. However, they may demand for something they know you can't afford and will use it as a lame excuse to dump you. They will claim you did not love them. No amount of begging will bring her back.
  • 3. Her respect for you dwindles
Just because she's now meeting with important personnel such as Local govt chairman, celebrities, yahoo guys, etc, she will start talking to you rudely and you begin to wonder what you have done wrong. (My brother you no do anything wrong jawe)
  • 4. Denial of kitty cat
This reminds me when prof Tosyne2much said that his girlfriend whom he was planning to marry started denying him kitty-cat, using lame excuses that she already gave her life to Jesus Christ, therefore, she almost made him die of konji. This truth cannot be far fetched, she's certainly seeing someone else.
  • 5. They give flimsy excuses to discourage him from visiting 
On judgement day, the devil will slap a lot of ladies for using his name to get out of punishment. When your girlfriend starts seeing a richer dude, she will start giving unending excuses as to why she can't visit you. This is because she's no more sexually attracted to you because another dude out there curdling her butt.
  • 6. They use unnecessary quotes as status updates
Some of them will post senseless updates just to send signals to you that they are seeing someone else. You will see status updates like, "never walk a broke dude down the aisle", "I never knew someone could care this much". "Stingy and broke guys are like grasshopper" Smh
  • 7. Use a rich guy picture as her DP to make him jealous 
Some ladies enjoy inflicting emotional trauma on their broke boyfriend in order to make him jealous and defenceless. Perhaps by coincidence when they come across a celebrity or rich pal, they snap his picture and use it as their Dp with "I love u boo" and they will lie to you that today is his birthday. Smh
  • 8. She starts suffocating you with marriage
When a richer dude has promised to marry her, she will start suffocating you with marriage, asking if you are ready or not because her parents have been asking her to bring somebody home. No matter what you say, it won't make any meaning to her.


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  1. That's a lie though. But wat can i say?