Monday, 26 October 2015

Check Out Photos From a Weird Chinese Tattoo Competition (PICS)

Tattoo enthusiasts gathered in China recently to showcase their weird and colourful body art at an annual festival which celebrates extreme bodywork.

Ink artists attended the international tattoo show in Nanning, in China, which held for three days straight and a group of body art aficionados came together from all parts of the world to attend.

Contestants inked all parts of their body to reveal how unique their exhibition would be.
Contestants posed in underwear as they showed off their colourful designs on various parts of the body, while spectators gathered to take pictures.

The festival also gave tattoo artists the chance to enhance their skills and work on new designs.
In past shows more than 100 top tattoo experts have travelled from different countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom to attend the annual event.
More photos below;