Monday, 26 October 2015

Funny Ways People Break Up With Their Spouse

 The following below are the funniest ways to breakup with your Boy/Girlfriend…
  • “16 missed calls?! You killed my battery so you’re capable of killing me… It’s over!!!” 
  • “How come mosquito is biting me and not biting you? I smell conspiracy. IT’S OVER!” 
  • “You don’t even respect me, I’m talking and you are busy breathing? It’s over!”
  • “So now you’re drinking coke that has another man’s name on it, better go and find him because it’s over between us.”
  • “So Beyonce’s “Drunk in love” is your caller tune? I can’t trust alcoholics with my future kids.”
  • “They are shouting bird flu, you are still cooking chicken. You want to kill me? It is over!” 
  • “I called you and you picked up immediately. You lack patience. I can’t date someone who’s not patient.”
  • “Why are you using broom to sweep my room when you know I support PDP? It’s over!”
  • “You are always abbreviating your texts, you want our children to be short abi? It’s OVER!”
  • “I told you I love my food hot but you refused to warm the ice cream. You don’t care about me. It’s over!” 
  •  “You don’t pay your tithe, if you can cheat on God, then who am I? Park your things.” 
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