Thursday, 22 October 2015

Jay-Z and Timbaland Wins Big Pimpin Lawsuit Case

Jay-Z and Timbaland who had been fighting copyright infringement case on their hit song 'Big Pimpin' has finally been laid to rest and buried six feet under the ground as the judge handling the case has overruled any likelihood of visiting the case.

The judge, Christina Snyder ruled that Osama Ahmed Fahmy had no right to visit the case which is owned by his uncle . According to her, her judgement was based on the premise of Egyptian law on copyright infringement.

Big Pimpin’  heavily samples Khosara Khosara, a 1957 composition by Hamdi, with flute notes from the song repeated throughout Big Pimpin’.

Timbaland had previously paid for the song $100,000 for the right to use the song back in 2001, and told the court he believed he could use it.

So i guess Fahmy wiill go back home empty handed and be like ' i no go chop Jay-Z money again'. lol