Sunday, 25 October 2015

Jokes: Olamz and Nkechi's Love Turn Sour

Olamz calls his girlfriend Nkechi…
Nkechi: “Baby do you still luv me like before?”
Olamz: “Ofcourse Yes,  my luv for you will never change and is never ending.”
Nkechi: “Dats my babyyyy, I want you to buy me something.”
Olamz: “Just name it, I am more than capable, you know me now, Nky bebe m”.
Nkechi: “Its just one BB porsche sha…”
Olamz: “No problem. Just find out the price and let me know”
Nkechi: “Its 450,000 naira.”
Olamz: “Is it manual or automatic? Is it still in good shape, as in, the engine. Have you checked the fuel consumption too?” How many kilometers has it done?
Nkechi: “Honey, its not a car ooo… its a phone.”
Olamz: “Phone? Oh! does it come with a plasma tv, wardrobe and generator?”
Nkechi: “Please be serious, are you buying it or not? ”
Olamz :(in a whisper)  “Ewo!”
Nkechi: “Helloooooo! are you still there?”
Olamz: “Hiiiiiiiii!”
Nkechi : “What is this, I thought you love me, infact, don’t even bother again. I will call Alhaji to get it for me this evening.”
Olamz: “God punish ya life , na so your tin sweet reach, not only Allhaji, better still, call Atiku he will be faster”
Nkechi: “Am going to delete you”
Emeka: “Is your fone hanging? Cos I have deleted you since you mentioned porsche. ! Thief, how much is bride price even in ya village sef