Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mr. Ibu Says He Has Been Harrased By Homo People

Comic actor John Okafor AKA Mr. Ibu had a little chit chat with Showtime Celebrity yesterday and he revealed a lot of this about his career, his embarrassments he has faced s*xually and others. In his stance he is also against homo people.

Here are excerpts from the interview;

  • Have you ever faced s*xual harassment?
If you go to my page on Facebook, I fight vehemently against homos*xuals; both *homo* because these are viruses in the industry that kill the spirit. It is not good at all. There is no harassment as I speak to you; the harassment is within same s*xes. Men harass themselves, and
women harass themselves, so they are wonderfully preparing themselves for the devil, and I tell you, they will all go to hell.

  • Have you ever been wooed by a homes*xual?
(Shouts). Several times, and the man that approached me will never come close to me again in his life because I humiliated him publicly. I called him out, and shouted his name everywhere. Besides, if it was by looks, nobody would approach me because I’m not fine.
  • What has been your most embarrassing moment?
Not really on stage, but on the road when I drive into my fans and they demand I should come down from the vehicle which I normally do. But the irony is that some people hate me. One day, I came down from the vehicle acknowledging cheers from my fans and shaking hands with them. Meanwhile, somebody was busy knocking my head from the back and whenever I look back to see who it was, I will see everybody smiling and laughing with me.  Before I know it, another person will hit me with another heavy knock again. I felt a lot of pains but I decided to bear it because they are my fans. However, I don’t blame them because I caused it with the way I interpret my roles in films; It overwhelms them, so they feel the only way to appreciate me is to hit me and to keep liking me.