Monday, 26 October 2015

Olamz The Mathematical Lover

One day i was coming back home from work and i saw a pretty lady Cynthia as she was entering her own house next door. My heart skipped beat so fast, i just knew i had to approach her somehow but i was very shy. 
I decided to write a love letter which i used to pour out my emotions on how i felt about her. The next day, i went to her doorstep and dropped it under. I now waited patiently in the evening hoping for her to return and see it.

She eventually found it and this is what she read:
Dear Cynthia,
With reference to the syllabus of my feelings, I want to prove that the locus of my point is directly proportional to your heart.
On seeing you, I feel like a triangle with only 2 angles, the third one being you. At times I feel like a circle without a circumference and a tangent without a gradient.

We are like two simultaneous equations without solutions. You never seem to notice that I am a point lying at your linear equation.
Your smile make my mind rotate 360 degrees anticlockwise and applying a translation, I finally get your image.
You are factors of a quadratic equation but still feel two disjoint sets. You are the hypotenuse of my right angled triangle and on using either sine or cosine, we can obtain a real solution.
I tried to deal with you on a calculator version but the probability of success is very low. My letter consists of only one section to be answered without a calculator and the answer is to be given “Yes” in three significant figures.
My life without you is like coordinates of a quadratic turning point. My love for you is infinite like the graph of Tan 90 and Tan 270 degrees.
Your Mathematical Lover Next Door,