Tuesday, 10 November 2015

50 Cent Makes Fun of Meek Mill Publicly on Stage

Na wa ooo... If there would be any award to be given to the best celebrity troublemaker, it has to go to 50 Cent any time any day. He is not done fighting with Rick Ross and his ex Vivica Fox and now, Meek Mill is about to join the circle.

The rapper took a swipe against Meek Mill on stage in Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday night. He told the crowd during a performance thus;

That ‘Back to Back’ sh!t was fire…that sh!t was hot…and the broke dude, the nigga that started the sh!t, he thought he was gone pick on Drake and got the sh!t slapped out of him.”

Only God knows if Meek Mill will reply this, as he always does anybody who disses him.