Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Have You Met Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Siblings? (PICS)

Just as senator Ben Murrray-Bruce of Bayelsa looks like someone from yankee, all his other siblings look same. Senator Bruce has 11 other siblings with  eight of them who are also successful in the running of their family business where their  father founded Domino group.

See pictures of his siblings in the order labeled below:
1. Mrs. Margaret Murray-Bruce - 89-year-old Murray-Bruce matriarch

2. Mr. William Murray-Bruce - Director, Finance Department and the Management Information Systems of Domino Group

3. Mr. Michael Murray-Bruce - Managing Director, Domino Group

4. Mrs. Joy Murray-Bruce Jonah - Executive Director, Domino Group

5. Mr. Roy Murray-Bruce - President, Silverbird Group (made up of Silverbird Communication-Rhythm FM and Silverbird Television-; Silverbird Cinemas; Silverbird Productions; Silverbird Properties; Silverbird Film Distribution; and Silverbird Malls)

6. Mr. Guy Murray-Bruce - President of Entertainment at The Silverbird Group

7. Mr. Billy Murray-Bruce - Executive Director, Domino Group

8. Ms. Philomena Murray-Bruce - Executive Director, Domino Group