Thursday, 18 February 2016

Jokes: Akpos and His Daddy

Akpos - Dad, our result is out and i have checked my own.
Dad     -  That's nice, i hope you tried more than the other time
Son     -   No sir, they have failed me again because i got 7f and 2d
Dad    -    Laughing
Son     -   What are you laughing about?
Dad    -   I'm laughing because i am already know you are going to fail, and you know what?
Son     -  What is it?
Dad   -  I have gotten a new school for you and there is no need of admission examination before you get admitted. 

Son    -  Waoh, thank u sir that's why you are the best daddy... but sir,what is the name of the school?
Dad    -  Don't worry yourself,i will tell u when the time comes
Son    -  (feeling excited) pls i want to know the name,so that i will introduce it to some of my mate that are also failed
Dad    -   I hope u are not going to change your mind when you hear the name?
Son     -  Never,because i know it will be best school for me now
Dad    -   Okay, the name is Sunday school
Son     -   ...............