Saturday, 13 February 2016

Jokes: Holy Ghost Fire!!!

There was a pastor who wanted to impress his audience by performing miracles, so as to gain more audience.

He called his son and said to him, "On Sunday, you will go up into the altar of the church with some used books and a matchbox, then when I say Holy Ghost fire, you will light up the books with fire and throw it in front of the church." 

On Sunday when the pastor was praying, he shouted, "HOLY GHOST FIRE!" His son quickly lit the paper and threw it in front of the church, the people thought it was real, so they invited other people to the church. 

This continued for many Sundays. One Sunday while the pastor was praying, he shouted, "HOLY GHOST FIRE!" No fire. He repeated again, "HOLY GHOST FIRE!" No fire. Agitated, he shouted for the umpteenth time, "I SAY HOLY GHOST FIRE!" and his son immediately shouted back, "daddy, matches have finished o!"