Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Oh Dear, Daughter Left Shocked After Father Picture of His Privates To Her

Sometimes i tell the elderly not to use social media. Not because i do not want them to use the latest trend but, one small mistake and they will implicate a lot or people. 

This is what happened when a father, Robyn Millen wanted to use snapchat to send his wife a picture of his willy on Valentine's day but it was sent to his daughter which left her horrified. 

Those who know snapchat will know how a picture can be seen by millions of people, which this was seen by over 1.5million people and counting.

Well lucky for him, he used emojis to cover it up before sending. When the daughter saw the picture on her feed, his 18 years old daughter had to comment that his picture was inappropriate.

Read her conversation with her father below:

I can imagine how he would bury his head like a flamingo. His consolation is that since nobody saw nothing, all is cool.