Monday, 21 March 2016

Guys, Hilarious Responses To Give Ladies Who Are Forming Hard For You

So guys, if you are toasting a lady and she is asking you funny questions to scare you off, here are sarcastic replies you can mess her mind with:

GIRL: Are you a player? ANS: Yes, Chelsea fc wants to sign me next season.
GIRL: Why do you want my BB pin? ANS:  I want to use the pin to sew my torn clothes at home.
GIRL: Baby, My subscription will soon expire,what will i do?ANS: Return the phone to the seller, and ask for Nokia torch.
GIRL: Jesus! Ezemuo, is that a c*ndom your bringing out? ANS: No, its my bank ATM card
GIRL: If i sleep over in your house, hope nothing funny will happen? ANS: Trust me, We will do night vigil.
GIRL: Baby send me card ANS: Yellow card or Red card?
GIRL: Can you really date me without s*x? ANS: Eh, are you HIV positive?
GIRL: I hope your not after my body? ANS: No, am after your spirit
GIRL: I have missed my period ANS: Ask your course rep for the next class.
GIRL: Why don't you have a car? ANS:  I figured using legedes Benz in this fuel scarcity era is the best mode of transportation.
Ladies not to worry, would come up with a counter post for the guys. 

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