Thursday, 3 March 2016

It is These Attitudes of Men and Women Wey Dey Provoke Me Pass

*Kissing your man is not the problem. The problem is how you do it. Stop making sounds like gun in an Indian movie that sounds like, "pitomm, piitom! E fit give person tumour for ear. 

*Making sounds during s*x is romantic and not a problem, but the problem is shouting like weerre, 'Jesus! Chim ooo! Oh my God! Yessu?" are having s*x, not a church service. I don't know if you are reminding God to punish you and later. 

*Ladies, wearing short skirts or dresses is not a problem, in fact, its very s*xy. The problem is trying to pull it down when you see guys. Now, you want it to be long abi? Keep deceiving yourself.

*Loving your man is not a problem, the problem is changing your name to his on Facebook and other social media. His mother doesn't even know you. 

*Some girls are looking for tall, s*xy men with pink lips, while their fathers are short, with pot bellies. You better be contented like your mama. 

*Bleaching your skin is not a problem. The problem is having a white face, yellow hands, black knuckles, chocolate lips and black legs. Even that small chocolate sweet with small spoon attached only came with three stripe colours.

Hey hey heyyy... Ladies no take am personal, just joking ya know... No hard feelings.