Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jokes: Akpos and The Fake Prophet

Akpos has tried all possible means to succeed in life but to no avail. One day he decided to visit a prophet.
The prophet promised to deliver him but he has to pay 20,000 Naira. 

Akpos went and borrowed the money from a friend. The next day, Akpos handed over 20,000 naira to the prophet. 

After series of speaking in tongues, The prophet then say to him "young man, Your mother in-law is a winch and she is the cause of your problems. 

Akpos replied surprisingly "Ha! but am not married." 

After another round of speaking in tongues, The prophet said "Error error, you did not remove your shoes outside."  Akpos went outside and removed his shoes. 

The prophet wanting to be clever then asked "But do you have a step mother?" Akpos replied "Yes". 

After the third round of speaking in tongues, he said "Yes yes yes! your step mother covered your destiny inside a pot and hid under her bed. So go home and break the pot". 

Akpos got angry and removed his shirt. "Wait wait! What's that for?" Asked the prophet. Akpos replied angrily "My money else two of us will die here".

Prophet: "meaning?"

Akpos "Because my step mother died before my father married my mother" The prophet then said " Wait! Another error! You should had taken off your shirt since.. You are the one causing these errors"... lolz