Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Jokes: Akpos At A Burial Ceremony

A group of friends attended the burial ceremony of one of their friends who passed on. After lowering the coffin the family of the dead put yam rice, meat e.t.c into the grave in line with tradition. 

When the friends asked why the family of the man explained that according to their traditions, the dead is on a long journey and needs all the food items they can get.” One of the friends then dropped N100,000 inside and said “when the food finish,buy more.” Another friend dropped N50,000 and said “add this in case its not enough.” 

The third friend Akpors smiled and brought out his cheque book, wrote a cheque of N200,000, dropped it in the coffin, took out the N150,000 put in previously as change and said 

“ Bro, I just added N50,000 to make everything N200,000. Please, withdraw it when you reach there oh, it’s going to be a dangerous journey we don’t know how many robbers are out there and after all we are in a cashless economy now so it’s better to travel with the cheque! Safe journey oh!"