Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Jokes: Akpos Father In a Bus

Akpos father was inside a bus going to his village when he suddenly realized that his purse containing all his money was missing. Somebody had picked it from his pocket. He looked around the bus, everybody was calm, well seated and enjoying the ride. Thinking of what to do, within some seconds, an idea struck his mind. Making sure that everybody in the bus could hear him, he said: somebody stole my purse from my pocket. People in d bus: no answer.

Papa Akpos continued: I said somebody picked my purse containing my money from my pocket. People in the bus (looking at him): still no answer. 

Papa Akpos: if the person that stole my pulse does not want what happened in 1994 to repeat itself now, the person should own up now.

People in the Bus: now everybody was looking around and at each other. Some murmuring among themselves.

Papa Akpos: i said what happened in 1994 will repeat itself now if the thief does not return my purse.

People in the bus: now everybody were serious. Som asking within themselves what happened in 1994. And even others are beginning to suspect Papa Akpos to be a native doctor or a wizard.

Within a minute, Papa Akpos saw his purse on floor of the bus. An unknown person had thrown it there. Papa Akpos picked his purse and check his money and confirmed the amount to his satisfaction.

The people in the bus were amazed, how they wish they
could really know what happened in 1994 .

One teenager, a very beautiful girl with a glasses approached papa Akpos were he was sitting
and asked him that he would like to know what happened in 1994.

Papa Akpos looked at her, smiled and said: in 1994, i was in the bus like this and they stole my money. Na leg I take waka go house.. i No wan make e happen again.