Saturday, 5 March 2016

Jokes: Drinking Competition

Two Communities, Ejigbo Ezeagu and Udi in Enugu state, decided to hold a drinking competition. A week to the competition, Ezeagu community sent a delegate, Anya, to Udi to confirm if the competition will still hold.

When Anya, the delegate got there, the people of Udi brought 20 litres of their strongest Nkwu-enu (Local Gin) as Kola. Anya asked; "Can I test it?" The people said; "Go ahead."

The guy drank, finished the whole 20 litres and said; "This is okay, where is the main drink?" The People of Udi got scared and shouted; "Come o, are you among the competitors?." Then Anya replied; "No, I did not qualify."