Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Jokes: Sweet Girl

A man and a girl met on Whatsapp Chat. While they were getting to know each other, something awkward transpired. This was how their conversation went down:

MAN: Hello, Sweet Girl! 
SWEETGIRL: Hi Lover Boy! 
MAN: May I know you more please? 
SWEETGIRL: 19, female, sweet lips, bootylicious and delicious, live in Maryland and you? 
MAN: Hmmmm! I'm in love already... I'm 52, male, 6 pack, big Chest, live in Maryland too. 
SWEETGIRL: You're 52? 
MAN: I'm into fresh young beautiful girls. 
SWEETGIRL: Are you married? 
MAN: Yes, but not as sexy as you.

SWEETGIRL: Then why do you like young girls?
MAN: I love them because they are beautiful not to mention sexy.
SWEETGIRL: I am also into older men with iPhones, iPads, Cash, Gifts and driving expensive cars. 
MAN: I can offer all of that and more. 
SWEETGIRL: I think we should meet. 
MAN: That would be nice, where do I pick you up tomorrow with my new BMW X6 sexy girl? SWEETGIRL: Tomorrow I am going to school, it won't be possible. 
MAN: Maybe over the weekend, going to school is very important. 
SWEETGIRL: Let me continue the homework I'm doing with my friend, Lucy... I don't want my dad to know that I have a BlackBerry, he will be mad at me. 
MAN: Hey! You said your friend's name is Lucy? 
MAN: Exactly where in Maryland do you reside? 
SWEETGIRL: Maryland Estate, House number 5 and you? 
MAN: Mercy!!! Is that you?!
SWEETGIRL: Dad, is that you?!

This na original gobe!!!

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