Saturday, 5 March 2016

Jokes: S*x Starved Husband

A man was starved of s*x because his wife had put to bed thru caesarean section. One day, the wife said: 
'My Love, I know how u must be feeling bcos of my condition; abeg take this N2000 and look for someone, have s*x and satisfy yourself.'

The husband collected the money and left, but returned after 30 mins. The wife said, Haba! So soon? and he answered, "I no go far, I just enter this our neighbour house!".
And the wife asked, I hope she no collect money o? The man said she collected and the wife said: 

'Abi she dey craze? Abeg hold this pikin for me, make I go meet am. The time wey she born pikin, I help her husband for free, why she go collect money from YOU????.'