Thursday, 10 March 2016

Jokes: Two Foolish Girls

Mary : How was your paper Gloria ?
Gloria : It was kind of hard, I didn't know the past tense of 'think', I thought and thought and thought for a long time, then finally i wrote 'thunk'
Mary : I guess you are right because I wrote thunk after I thought 4 a while.. ... 

Mary : Shit! And what about the past tense of 'write' ?
Gloria : I dont know what I wrote, I think I wrote 'written'
Mary : That one I didn't even bother, When I saw the next number asking for the past tense of 'go', I just went out of the Exam Room.
Gloria : Me too, when I reached that number I couldn't take it anymore, Those idiots gave us an exam beyond our scope..

Describe the two of them in One word...