Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ladies, How To Know If He Is The Right Guy For You

There is nothing more annoying in a relationship when a lady dates a guy and he becomes the candidate for her to become an item with. Many ladies are guilty of looking at the external characteristics of a man before saying yes to his dating proposal.

Love goes beyond just having feelings for a person or engaging in the activities which result in the penetration of organs that leads to a climax state of orgasm. Many factors are considered to make a relationship work.

If you meet a guy with these qualities, I would say you should not let him go.

1. He respects you, and he shows it by listening attentively to your views and concerns.
2. He lets you know how much you mean to him. He is not ashamed to show affection.
3. He wants you to be a better person by encouraging you to pursue your dreams. Not by forcefully controlling you.
4. He trusts you and does not have an inferiority complex when you are around your male friends.
5. He is trustworthy.
6. He does not judge or criticize you, even when you are wrong.
7. He makes time out for you and shows concern about your family.
8. He treats less privileged people with love.
9. He is committed to God.
10. He has someone like a mentor he respects and is accountable to.

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