Monday, 21 March 2016

Lol... Read Hilarious Replies Dad Gives School For His Son's Absence From School

So a father wanted to take his family on vacation. He did not have time to inform the school that he wanted to take his son along so he decided to take caution to the wind and took him without permission.

The school contacted him via sms to inquire why and the father went on 419 mode to jonz them. Read below:
 The school contacted him severally but kept on giving different excuses.
In an interview with DailyMail, he said:

'We only found out about the holiday the day before as it was through the travel agency that we run, so we genuinely didn't have time to plan.'I know I should have told the school beforehand but if you ask on things like this unfortunately they often say they don't approve of it, so I took a gamble. They didn't reply to the text so I think it paid off.'James is doing very well, is on target for excellent GCSE results and misses very few days so I knew it was not going to negatively affect his work.

'When I got the message I decided to send the picture because I think a picture tells a thousand words. I think from the photo it was then quite apparent where he was.'It was light-hearted banter, though admittedly it's not the first time I have done it. James obviously thought it was fantastic and all of his friends loved it too.
He even sent picture of his vacation of his son to the school to prove his vacation scene... This father get mind.

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