Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lol... This Nigerian Staff Of Facebook Sets Trap For Mark Zuckerberg and He Did This

Nigerians can be mischievous in our own way sha. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decided to publicly reveal the prank his Nigerian engineer almost pulled on him of late.

So Mr Olaoluwa Okelola pictured above, who is a software engineer, placed nugget food for his boss to see. Unknowingly, he almost wanted to grab it to eat until he saw it was booby trapped with Oculus sensor where the carton would fall on him when he picks the food.
Mark did not fall for it and he decided to show Olaoluwa's work on facebook and said he did not fall for it.

See what he posted below:

Aaaaaand these are other pictures of Mr. Ola below

Lol see freedom between staff and employers... If he was working in Nigeria, he would have packed his bags and be looking for another job