Friday, 18 March 2016

Lynxxx Set To Come Back Into Music

Many who thought Lynxxx has decided to stay away from music can now calm down as he has revealed he is not going anywhere. Lynxxx who has been on snooze mode in the music scene has revealed that he is coming back with the release of two albums. Not just coming back but in a big way. He wants to  release two albums to thrill fans and he revealed that his hibernation was for two reasons:

  1. To study the financial make an assessment of the financial aspect of the music business.
  2. Discover his true purpose and channel into music
He made mention of other things:

Evolution is the greatest thing that can happen to man. Growth and formation development, realization of Purpose and ignition of real drive, passion and value puts you in the state of mind to really impact the world in ways you have never imagined,”  the 'Fine lady' crooner wrote on Instagram.
“In the last year alone i have evolved into a being i never envisioned i would be but overall this is the most fulfilling state of mind, body and soul.

“Its All been channeled into the Music and i cant wait to share these experiences with you lot. Music for me has taken a whole new dimension, the purpose is to impact the world from my Perspective and i have no doubt that my people would be able to connect and relate instantly, i promise it would be worth the long wait. 

"2 project Ready, 1 soon to be delivered to the \uD83C\uDF0D... Lets start over, This time with a purpose!," 

Lynxxx to tor know.. Dunno how spell it but at least make i copy him slang small

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