Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mum Spends $58,000 on Plastic Surgery.... Just To Look Like Her Daughter (PICS)

Most people decide to alter their bodies using plastic surgery in order to reduce the age look on their bodies. For this mother, that is not in her agenda.

Janet Horrock, decided she wanted to look just like her 36 years old daughter, Jane Cunliffe. 

According to her, she said she loves her daughter's beauty and because she created her from her womb, she had to replicate her image for them to look like twins.

After Surgery
“I based my transformation on my daughter, because she’s beautiful, I created her, and I wanted her look,” Horrocks explains simply, adding that when people mistake the mother-daughter pair for sisters, she feels “great” about herself.

 “It makes me feel on top of the world, and it makes me think that all the money I spent was worth every penny,” she said. “They would never in a million years think that I was her mother and she was my daughter.”

See what they look like together:

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