Saturday, 5 March 2016

Seven Signs Your Love For Your Partner Is Dying

Love is sweet, love is refreshing. It has a way of making one feel 10 years younger or more sef. With the pros and cons of being in a relationship, there always have to be a form of sparkle in the relationship to make it interesting to be in. If it is gone, the love begins to fade.

There are several signs in a relationship which makes it depreciate and if care is not taken to ginger it back to life, e go enter one chance.

Here are seven signs that should the love a couple feel for each other is dying:

1. You both stop holding hands: While taking a stroll or together alone, holding hands creates a special bond with arouses special feelings in the minds and hearts of the duo. When they avoid holding hands, it shows something is wrong which needs a form of sparkle to rekindle what they have for each other.

2. Farewell to spontaneity: What i mean is that sudden surprises seize to stop. Surprise dates, surprise calls or texts begins to occur less. It is only when there is an urgent needs you see these couples contact each other.

3. Passionate kisses are gone: You know when love is young and e dey sweet you, both of you will attempt breaking Guinness book of record for world longest kiss. When the love is entering one chance, even if they kiss, it would just be like you are brushing each other cheeks or lips. 

4. You avoid spending time with each other: this is when the guy is forever busy with work or studies and the lady is forever having house chores or busy schedule. Since there would be nothing serious or interesting to talk about as their love is dying, they rather decide to focus on other issues than themselves.

5. 'New Best Friend': When the lover start losing interest, they decide to get  new bestie who would bring memories of what they used to feel for their lover. Even when they are discussing, the topic of my new friend becomes the order of the day. If care is not taken, that new bestie will use backyard and inherit what is yours at the moment.

6. No more knowing glances: Have you ever been with your lover you do not need to use words to communicate? One look and you know exactly what he or she is saying. One would be confused in situation where a love is going to dust as you would be wondering whether the person is in a good or bad mood.

7. Time together is a martyrdom: When we don’t like doing something, everything about it seems wrong. In the same way, when we stop wanting our partner, it becomes impossible to enjoy time together. 

How many of these signs do have in your relationship? Any of these are a sign that something bad is happening in your relationship. But don’t worry. If you detect them now you have time to rekindle the flame of love.