Thursday, 3 March 2016

Six Quotes From Kanye West That Can Teach You About Business

Kanye West needs no introduction as we all know he can be a lord of jack asses at his spare time with his arrogant attitude. Notwithstanding, he has been outstanding in all his lines of businesses from music, to fashion, to film and other things he is into.

There are several things he has said which really make sense and can be applied to real life situations if you want to jump start a business.

Read below:

1. Aim For The Top
“My goal, if I was going to do art, fine art, would have been to become Picasso or greater… That always sounds so funny to people, comparing yourself to someone who has done so much, and that’s a mentality that suppresses humanity.”
(Talk at Oxford University, 2015)

2. Chase Your Invoices
“Two words, chi-town raised me crazy, so I live by two words: ‘fuck you, pay me’.”
(Two Words, 2004)

3. Learn From Your Mistakes
“If you read books – which I don’t, none at all – about how to become a billionaire, they always say, ‘You learn more from your mistakes.’ So if you learn from your mistakes, then I’m a fucking genius.”
(Talk at Oxford University, 2015)

4. Know Where To Draw The Line
“No flip flops for black dudes. I don’t care where you at.”
(Zane Lowe Radio 1 Show, 2013)

5. Don’t Be Scared Of The Big Suits
“When I entered the fashion world and I encountered a lot of elitism and all that, it just made me happy.”
(TIME Interview, 2015)

6. Be Confident In Your Own Abilities
“I am Warhol! I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney, Nike, Google.”
(Sway In The Morning Radio Show, 2013)