Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Something Urgent To Ponder Upon About Inter-Religious Relationship

If you have someone you are dating or thinking of dating with possible plans of marriage with a person who practices a different religion from yours, someone posed this important question and i think you should see. Well the main question of the day will be shown in the picture below:

Well personally though... There is really nothing wrong getting married to someone different from your religion. For as long the parties have a full understanding of the pros and cons of what it takes to be married. There are so many factors to be considered other than just being a couple. So many sacrifices to be made which can affect one, if you are not cool with it.

Even if they both agree to allow their children practice one religion and they get married, there would always come a time when another argument will suffice about this and might lead to a divorce if care is not taken.

My conclusion?... Do not use your hands to start what you might not finish so that none of you will enter one chance. Marriage is beyond what you feel for each other and the ability to carter for each others needs.  

That is my opinion though... What do you think? To those who are already married, how do you cope in your relationship?

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