Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Top Ten Very Annoying Things Guys Do For S*x

A lot of times, most guys exhibit extremely disgusting things when their lipido level has reached its prime and they need to discharge quickly. They do a lot of things to inconvenience people when they find a potential prey for what they wanna do. If you are one of those guys who exhibit these behaviors, abeg stop am!

Read what they do:

  • Rape: Yes i mean rape. Most guys are guilty of this. How you may ask?  well rape in its dictionary meaning is forcing her to have s*x when she does not want abi? A guy is about to see his investment crumbling and does not want to let go empty handed. He does not have to slap her and pin her down by force to rape her. He emotionally blackmails her to do when she does not want to. Intense begging, make her see reason why she must off pant after all his work and if she no gree, some can even hold and caress her till she aroused (well at least, some strategies guys tell me they do when she no gree). Lol at the end of it all he would be satisfied and she would go home asking herself how it happened.
  • They reign on another guys parade: This is when they decide to attempt to lower their fellow guy's self esteem and image so that it would discourage the lady from being attracted to other guys around her. They secretly blacken their image to her to make them seem they are animals after her hmm hmm. Unfortunately, these guys are worse than a female dog on heat. From personal experience, i was with a guy one day when he asked me to escort me to go see his neighbor. I was reluctant but he made me go so i was like 'ok no big deal'.... Unfortunately for him, she ended up talking to me more than they way she was talking with him. That was then the talks about me being a male gold digger came up and was like 'WTF!'... What i did to make him look silly for insulting me is meant to be locked up in my memory #grin
  • They turn comedians unnecessarily: Have you ever been with your guy and you both spot a babe to toast. Your guy who wants to play a fast one on you decides to form smart and bring up a lot of jokes to whine her. They do that to gain attention to make her see his way. Unfortunately they rush things and their so called jokes turn out lame.
  • Spending way more on her than they can afford: This is the worst of them all. How can one who is only able to afford bread and mineral decide to buy a lady android subscription of N2500 in the name of kpansh. Even God said 'Love your neighbour as thyself' and not more than yourself. Later the guy would complain of hunger and how life is unfair to him. If she no gree for him he automatically has entered one chance. Asides from giving her money, they also do a lot of borrow-pose in the name of packaging. Like why live a fake life when you can always cut your coat according to your size? Some guys will says that 'ehn na those things babes like'... Be yourself and you can get the babe you seek! Not all women needs money.
  • Kiss ass: Anytime i see guys do this for her, i be like 'really n*gga?'... this is when guys would want to do anything to please her, with the ideology that it would make the road to coitus an easy one. What guys fail to realize is that women are not dumb. They sense these things easily and know exactly what to do to jonz you and run for their soul. If you no smart, she would use you to build mansion before you realize.
  • Announcing to friends you are about straffing a babe: It would have been better if you paid a sponsored advert on national TV or google ad word for that. You see friends giving people easy access to see them in action via video recordings or leaving doors or windows slightly open for guys to watch with you. Ehmm..,. If a video leaks now you ma go release statement like Special Spesh and say your phone was hacked abi???
  • Placing the lady as priority over their friends: This is when you guy becomes scarce to see and when you see him, he would be forming important and make friends seem insignificant. It gets worse if she becomes his bae cos he would feel like he has gotten all his needs. By the time his eye open, maybe when she jonz him or stop giving him cookie, he would crawl back to his hommies like a prodigal son. That ain't cool men.
  • Using Your friend's parents house as a hotel: Guys lose their privacy when their friend's always inform them that they want to use their parents crib for some real deal because of the flashy nature of the house and they know that is what she would like to see. A dude cannot have his  own time out in his own house. The worst is when you see the guy bragging that it is his house he built and you begin to question his sanity.
  • Intake of substances before straffing activities: You see guys take a lot hard drinks or even drugs to prevent erectile dysfunction. Any mistake happens and your weaner slack, my hand no dey ooooo.
  • Disturbing Neighours with loud music: There are some neighbours who can break the environment with noise pollution in the name of covering up potential screams and moans on the sheet. whether they are collaboing in the day or night time, its almost like they are throwing a party, well party for two. They do not consider people like me who love their peace and quiet and sleep and it can be very... very very annoying.
I hail guys guilty of these oooo. Abeg repent if you cannot straff the right way. lol