Thursday, 10 March 2016

This Lady Has a Mysterious Condition of Bleeding From All Parts of Her Face (PICS)

This 17 years old teenager Marnie Harvey is suffering from a condition which makes thick and stinging blood ooze from her eye, ears, nose, scalp and tongue. What is disturbing her is still a mystery to doctors and scientists as she has been in pains for three years counting.

She woke up one morning in 2013 where she found blood all over her pillow. Her mother took her for test but  nothing could be identified to be wrong with her.

She was asked to change her diet and lifestyle to pin down exactly what might be the issue to get proper diagnosis.

Unfortunately nothing seemed to help and last year, she started bleeding from her eyes.
In recently weeks it developed to bleeding from other parts of her face to her finger nails which still baffles medical experts.

Recalling the moment she woke up with her eyes bleeding, Miss Harvey said: ‘Red, gloopy tears were dripping out of my right eye.
'I had blood all over my face and a shooting pain behind my eyes. I felt my way downstairs and my parents, brother and sister all screamed when they saw me. My brother called an ambulance.’

Despite the negative results, the bleeding continued as often as five times a day and Miss Harvey said she felt like her life was on hold. She would struggle to open her eyes during the episodes as the blood caused them to sting. It forced her to give up a hairdressing course and retail job as she 'couldn't go and bleed everywhere'. 
'I used to go out with my friends every day but I became too scared to leave the house. It was alright in the summer because I could hide my bleeding eyes behind sunglasses but I can’t do that now so I stay at home. I never know when it’s going to happen and I don’t like scaring people.’ 
Miss Harvey’s dream to become a nurse, to go on holiday and find a boyfriend are all shelved while she’s passed from specialist to specialist.

Every day, purple and blue bruises appear all over her body, which hurt to touch and often swell up.

This things one see and read about people's health, enough to give thanks to God daily.