Thursday, 10 March 2016

What WIckedness... This Baby Was Dumped in a Carton in Nasarawa

It still beats me why a woman would abandon a baby in the streets to die after child birth, when she can easily leave it in at an orphanage home. Well a lady, Rariya in Nasarawa, posted this photo and gave details of the ordeal of the baby.

The baby was found under a bridge in Ado Karu Local Government Area in the early hours of the morning, which was presumed the baby was left there late at night and without any clothes.

The baby was rescued and was taken to social welfare centre but unfortunately, it died on the way.

She wrote this on Facebook:

"A newborn baby was found abandoned in a cardboard box yesterday under a bridge in Ado Karu Local Govt Area of Nassarawa State. The baby was taken to the Office of Social Welfare Ado Karu but unfortunately died on the way."