Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Why NUC Making Students Spend 11 Years in School Is Not Yet Feasible

When news broke out yesterday that students who want to become processionals in medicine that they would have to spend 11 years in school before they have MBBS degree and a license to practice, the issue really boiled my brain tissues. I never studied any science course in my BSc days, not to mention a medical line but  i have reasons why spending 11 years is not a right move posed by the NUC.

First of, in a country when the educational system is not conducive to get admission into, not to mention enrolling and graduating, it would kill the zeal of young people who have the desire to study the course.  We would end up not being able to boast of potential young medical gurus in the field who could even represent us internationally. When someone who probably starts at the end of 20 years, will end up graduating at the age of 31 years. Those who enter at an older age will not be able to practice until he gets really older. Now how can they even enroll for NYSC????

All these sef is even in an ideal setting. We have not considered the inevitable wahala of school strike, carry overs and other unforeseen circumstances that can make one graduate late. Before you know it, we would start having licensed medical doctors from their mid 30s.

Even abroad where students enroll in their undergraduate level for five years, their medical schools lasts four years. Students in such countries can school without hassles because of the level of stability in their educational system and facilities needed to aid their learning are provided. We now have a country that want to make student endure hardships for 11 whooping years before practicing his profession. Even a baby born would have started his Junior Secondary School by then.

Secondly, Which one is '...well prepared for the psychological demands of the game' Professor Okojie mentioned in his lecture in Ondo state? I personally feel that is the most absurd reason to make the increment in years of study. A student goes into a school where they hardly meet their lecturers to teach them. Even when they come they would rush them up in a crash course and make them write exam on it. They would practically not learn much from school other than those who are willing to do extra research. At the end of schooling, quacks will be bred and the same government will blame it on un-professionalism on the part of medical doctors when lives are lost the dispensation of their services. With a shaky foundation they had in school how will they even learn the game?

Unfortunately, what we see our government doing today in policy making is weighing only the pros of a particular policy without also weighing potential negative side of it. If they can put themselves in the masses shoes, they would not be able to endure quarter as much as what we face.

The government says change is gradual. I think in the educational line, this is just too much to make students rush into. Rather than punishing students with extra years in school, the government should fix the problems in the educational system of the country first and make it an enabling environment for learning. Tell me who will not love boko? Foundation remains the solid factor to consider when building a house. The NUC wants to build a house before digging holes for foundation. Tell me what type of house will that be.

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