Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Another Woman Cries For Buhari On Fuel Scarcity (Watch Hilarious Video)

With the current economic downturn Nigeria is facing, Many Nigerians have started utilizing social media to air their grief and made videos of them crying to beg President Buhari to make things better for the country.

Just last week, i posted a video of a woman crying profusely in her bedroom, Another viral one has surfaced. In this new video, a woman decided to turn her own to comedy. One is meant to feel her pain, but the woman kuku turned her own to a hilarious dirge where she was using her local dialect to sing on how the economy is affecting  her.
You do not want to miss this video... Watch and download below:

Video source: Facebook

Is it just me, or i feel she was faking her plea all through?

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