Sunday, 10 April 2016

Five Things Guys Should Not Do When Relating With a Woman

Just as I wrote on five things a woman should not do when relating with a guy, I am here to equation the balance and write on the opposite gender (and yes, that gbagaun you read is deliberate).

Guys… Guyyss…. We all know we need a woman in our lives to compliment ourselves as it is ordained in our holy books that women were created out of our ribs. Certain things, you should desist from while getting to know a woman.

  1.  Avoid Seeing A Woman As An Object To Conquer: Generation of men these days see women as an object to drop konji on when all they do is try to ‘hit and run’. You never know which woman means well for you and it does not even speak well of a guy when he is known for kpansh. Besides, a man never knows when he would actually hit a karishika that would zap his destiny away from him when he comes in contact with one. Ma guys, beware ooo!
  2. Avoid Going For Women Simply Because Of Her Physical Appearance: These days, with the way our world has changed, you will end up dating a man of the same gender with you and you will not know (transgender things). We see guys today looking for a lady with Nicki Minaj’s ass or Cossy Orjiakor’s bobby and falls in love instanta. Not that there is nothing wrong with that, but from guy’s experience, they get bored with that after a while, when there is nothing else they benefit from her. Wait holup, I believe guys are also aware women do all form of plastic surgeries to toosh themselves up. From hair, to boobs, to ass, to even the vajayjay. No enter one chance because you wan squeeze things at all cost.
  3. Getting Desperate Over A Woman You Like: Most men see a woman and want to do and undo whatever he can to please her. When a woman realizes this, she will not even respect you, not to mention dating you. You will be friendzoned so bad that you begin to question what went wrong. There are many ways to act cool and get her attention without unnecessary kissing ass.
  4.   Flooding her social media pages or stalking her: Haba you no dey rest ni? Giving a lady a little space will make a lady even ‘feel the boi’… When you spend morning till night sending her messages and commenting on everything she posts, it’s a major turn off for women.  
  5. Packaging: Guys will tell you that if you do not package your looks or do ‘borrow pose’, you cannot get any girl. You see guys wearing all forms of blings, borrow cars, form they are minister pikin when they wanna hook up with a woman. That theory applies to the oloshos in the streets. If a guy feels he has to form what he is not to get a woman, his esteem is lower than a dead body buried 6 feet under the ground. Instead of ‘Packaging’, why don’t you make yourself presentable and be yourself, you never know which lady will like you for who you are.

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