Saturday, 9 April 2016

Five Things Ladies Should Stop Doing When Relating With Guys

Ladies, it is quite normal for you to be in public and guy approaches you with a hello. It is also normal when your social media pages are flooded with messages from guys ready to mingle. When getting to know them, there are some annoying behaviours to stop doing that makes guys see you only as a piece of nama ready to be cooked.

The points listed below goes like this:

1. Asking a guy you just met for airtime Recharge: This is very annoying.It makes you look cheap. A guy met you in the afternoon, gave you a call in the evening and you are already asking him to send you airtime.Trust me, that guy can never respect u. He might eventually send you the airtime but the only thing on his mind would be to sleep with you once or twice and get rid of you, while he is looking for another scape goat for his coitus activity.

2. Judging a guy by his looks: I believe guys should be the ones that should be hell bent on beauty and physical appearance. Don't fall for a guy chiefly because he looks good physically. You need to access his acumen, sense of judgment, level-headed, dreams etc. What makes a good guy is far more than just looks. Most guys are fond of the concept of 'Packaging' or 'Borrow Pose' just to get the lady their desires. Last time i checked, not all that glitters is gold.

3. Manipulating a guy to over spend for you on a date: So because he looks rich and came to the eatery in a car makes you feel you can drain his pocket? This instantaneously tells the guy that you are a hungry girl from a very poor background. Can't you just order something easy going to test if the guy really wants to spend? Even if u do not like him do not do this. Trust me, the guy will never call u again and if he does he only wants to get u laid just once. The worst is taking your friend along so that you can both finish him. For a guy like me, try it with me and walai, you and your friend will wash the eatery plates that day.

4. Forcing yourself on a guy that doesn’t give a damn about you: If a guy likes you, he will show it. Don't u ever force yourself on a guy. You can indicate some green lights but don’t force yourself on him. If you do, he will treat you like crap and will not appreciate your worth, even if you have the best intentions for him. Don't try it. There are a million subtle ways to make him see that you like him than forcing yourself on him ann asking him out-rightly. The irony is woman are attracted to these type of guys. I still do not get why.

 5. Keeping too many boyfriends: Can't u just be cool with one guy you love? 10 boyfriends equals to 10 Joysticks. Gosh !! how many joysticks are you playing with? Later she will complain her hole looks like borehole after excessive drilling.

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