Saturday, 9 April 2016

God Will George All Of You - Ali Baba Laments on Nigeria's Travails

Nigeria's Godfather in comedy, Ali Baba has decided to go on comical mode while expressing his displeasure about how states in Nigeria cannot sustain themselves due to their dependency on oil revenue. He attributes it to the reason we are where we are today as they see Nigeria's oil as their familly business.

Read below:

This is what the whole country has been doing to our crude oil for over 40 years. System overload has several consequences.

The fuse may burn. The light will continue to trip off. And if alternative sockets are not provided, it could result to a fire outbreak.

Like Asa sang about, you may even be surprised that the owner of the socket may not have space to plug his own appliances to charge.

Now that the different states have been told to go and start looking for how to fund their excesses, we are beginning to hear, ‘our state civil service is over bloated’, ‘too many ghost workers’, ‘we can not pay salaries’, ‘we can’t employ now’, ‘bailout funds’, ‘my state is broke’…

But when the money from oil was dropping into their laps at $120 per barrel, it was a family affair. It never occurred to anyone that the price could fall to $27 per barrel or that the oil can even run out!!!

So here we are, IGR SEF can’t pay state owed debts, talk less of new projects and salaries. In the glaring light of that, yet, no toning down on lifestyles of legislators and executive.

No cut in allowances. No reduction in expectations as government pikin. Because truth be told, the salaries are bearable. But the allowances? Blood of God! It’s plain criminal.

So, let those who are looking for more adapters to plug and be tapping from our commonwealth be ready. Everything will soon end. Shebi TSA has come and we now know that some agencies were richer than Government, yet their salaries were still being paid by the same government they were richer than.

Now we shall see who can just sit down and be transferring N500m into someone’s account for doing nothing.

Yet there are hospitals needing funds, unpaid pensions, unpatched roads, no drinkable water, crowded classrooms, ill equipped police force…

God will George all of you. Because we don judge una already! Thieves!

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