Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Harry Songz Has a Daughter? Funny...

It is not a new thing for  celebrities to have baby mamas upandan but this case is peculiar. News have been round that Harry Songz wished his daughter, Carlisa a wonderful birthday celebration. Since her surname ends with Songz as well, people have already said he is a dada.

But wait, his age on Wikipedia says he is 35 years old and she is reported to be 22 years old... Are we saying that Harry Songz must have popped the cherry of the girl's mother when he was 13 years old? Lets assume yes, ol boi him player legacy no be today.
Lets say she is younger like say 13 (which i doubt she is), then it can provide justification of how old he would have been when penetration occured in his baby mama.
I am not taking sides to say he is the father or he is not, but if he is, hehe... He is a badt guy!!!!

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