Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Instagram Deletes Lynxxx Talks About Pre-Marital S*x

So yesterday, Lynxxx posted a message lecturing people about spiritual implications of having pre-marital s*x. Apparently, people did not like it as they must have reported the post to IG which they flagged it as violation of their policies. This led to the removal of the post from his profile page.

To his amazement, he had this to say:  

So i woke up to this message this morning. Instagram removed my post from yesterday (Obviously bcos some people must have flagged and reported it) heres the thing about the "Truth" .... No matter how u take it, it DOESNT change so i guess the mirror reflection was a bit too bright for some....

 Oh well, shout out to everyone that saw it and left a comment / tagged friends, Liked or Shared it (Most pple that reposted it STILL have it up so i guess d 'Violation' was only from my page 😂...) THANK YOU all who took time to read that post, the response was OVERWHELMING 🙈🙏🏾 i hope it resonated with you one way or the other, may God continue to strengthen us through our journey to live in His Will and obey him. Truth would always be the Truth...

 U can report my posts but u cant silence this vessel! #DailyLynxxxspiration continues! stay blessed fam 

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