Friday, 29 April 2016

Jokes: Akpos The Mathematical 'Genius'

In class, a mathematics teacher asked his students to prove that  2/10 = 2... This was how the class conversation went:

TEACHER: Who can Prove that 2/10 = 2! 
JESSICA: This a wrong question sire. 
BOATENG: There's no way that is possible. 
DAVID: It can't be proven to be correct. 
AKPOS: I can solve it very easily sir, 

To this class amazement, they could not help but wonder what magic he was going to perform. The teacher asked him to explain how he would do it and this was his explanation: 

Two/Ten = wo/en ( T with T cancel ) w = 23rd letter
o = 15th letter
e = 5th letter
n = 14th letter So,
23 +15 / 5 +14 = 38 / 19 = 2 The Answer is 2 sir. 

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