Friday, 29 April 2016

Jokes: I Want Nothing

So I added this Ibadan lady on facebook and we got talking. As in this girl fine die... Looks like one of those vixens we see on TV. This made me brush up my packaging skills. After i did all the scoping, i was able to get her to take her on a date. We arranged the date and time and I told her he would pick her up for them to hang out at KFC.

I did not have any cash at hand but i was certain i was going to withdraw at an ATM stand near the eatery. Unfortunately, it was out of cash to dispense.

I decided i was going to use the little change on my hand to buy her what she would need while i would not order. After all, i do not see what she would eat with N2,000.

When we got in, a waiter came to meet us to take our orders. I told her 'I want nothing'... The waiter then turned to this lady to her own order. Imagine she said 'I want two nothings'... That was when i knew i jammed a real pako babe.

Abeg epp me, if you meet this kind of woman, what will you do?

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