Friday, 8 April 2016

Jokes: Watching Football With A Woman

Wife: Honey Which teams are playing?

Husband: Arsenal vs Manchester United.

Wife : Oooh wonderful! I Love Arsenal..

Husband: That's a good team...

Wife: Is Drogba playing?

Husband: He doesn't play for any of these teams...

Wife: Okay sweeety. Is that Chris Brown?

Husband: [bored] No he is Chamberlain...

Wife : Okay but they look the same... What's that yellow card for?

Husband: It's a Warning to the Player.

After few minutes Rooney scores for Mancheste United....

Wife: [celebrates in high mood] Is that Chamberlain who has scored?

Husband: [calmly] No it's Rooney for Manchester United...!!

Wife: [furious] How? it should be arsenal who should have scored!!

Husband: [silent]

Wife: What is that Red card for?

Husband : [bored] That means the player should go out of the pitch for misbehaving.

Wife: Then is he going to be a Coach?

Husband:[unwilling to answer] Aaaaaaaaa no...

Wife: Its the same with Traffic Lights: Yellow=Warning; Red=Danger.

Husband: Exactly darling...

Wife :What about the Green Card?

Husband: Mmmm nothing of that kind in a field of play....

Wife: I want Arsenal to win the World Cup...

Husband: [silent]

Wife: Who is that man standing who looks like Mr. Bean?

Husband: [bored] it's the Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger.

Wife: that means the other opponent's coach is Manchest Wenger?


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