Saturday, 30 April 2016

Lesson To Be Learned From Tiwa Savage And Teebillz Marriage Downfall

Its official... Tiwa Savage has officially called of her marriage matrimony with her husband Tunji AKA Teebillz when she stated on TV interview with pulse TV that she will not go back to him, based on what she watched.

Many lessons can be derived on a once upon a time love story which turned sour.

First of, on the part of the fans, which is the main reason for the construction of this write up, this just reveals the true nature of humans and Nigerians as a whole. We are too quick to judging people and events without having to balance a story being heard. The moment Teebillz began his rant, we saw how Nigerians came for Tiwa like she was the lowest human on earth, calling her all sort of demeaning names, making bad memes to make her seem like a devil and stuff. 

This is something i find puzzling as things like this always go in the favour of the innocent later on. The moment she granted the interview, she automatically became a hero in the eyes of the people and the dice was cast against Teebillz. I wonder why we can be so hypocritical by nature... I wonder people can chew the words they spew comfortable after hearing Tiwa's side of the story.

Humans should always learn to balance a story before coming up with assumptions and theories to why things happen. I personally did not opine when the story unfolded from Teebillz's side cos there were many loopholes to his rant. Better not to just immediately than talk and look like a fool at the end of the day.

It takes the grace of God to get married and stay that way for a long time especially when you are a public person. This is the main reason for the need to attempt keeping things private no matter the circumstance. There is no need flashing things about love and material resources when it is all fake. My respect for Tiwa Savage grew when her marriage was falling apart and she still tried ways to keep it on a low until the whistle was blown. This is why celebs need to put God in their lives more than ever to ensure things work for them when they marry (everybody needs it but am talking celebs here).

At the end of the way, it is the two couples who marry that would be in the same house, share ideas to build the home, give birth, settle bills, raise child or children together and also run other marriage hustle. This is also why any problem faced in the marriage should be restricted to the family and not public consumption. Not that fans should not know, but turning social media to be your daily register is just not the way to sort relationship issues.

There is also need to get to know the person's good and bad sides before venturing into marriage with the person. Tiwa Savage admitted she was warned about certain bad traits he has and she did not put them into consideration before tying the nut with him. If i were her, i would have tried to put him to tests to see such characters before coming to a conclusion to whether he was worth marrying. But hey, they say love is bling sometimes but what do i know?
It is really sad Tiwa and Teebillz might be splitting ASAP and i wish them the best in their endeavours.

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