Thursday, 28 April 2016

Opinion: Tiwa Savage, Teebillz... What Should Have Been Done

Well it is no news of Tiwa Savage's husband's drama on his instagram handle where Teebillz made a lot of revealing comments about his wife, Tiwa Savage, where it was insinuated she cheated on him before their marriage. 

It is also not news that he also attempted going to meet God for judgement on Lekki bridge this morning. This made the whole of social media swarm like wild fire with comments and insults of both husband and wife.

While i console Teebillz over the depression rocking his emotional state of well being, he should not have gone as far as going suicidal over marriage palava, or even his issue with his father. 
Not withstanding, i find it amusing how a couple engulfed in marital issues can bring such private matters to social media for the digestion of readers. Marriage is an affair on a 'for better for worse' life where the life of the couple can never be full of bed of roses. If there are cases of differences among the couple, the logical thing to do is to seek a truce within the family circle without blowing it out of proportion. If no resolute can be achieved, social media is the wrong place to use it as a form of diary (am just saying).

Seriously bah, it is issues like this that will make one think the type of dramas celebs have been acting within the past two months are stunts. That is how P-square acted their own movie and balled out like nothing happened. 

I feel like with the stress celebs go through in the course of the dispensation of their duties is turning their heads. Wouldn't it be better if they go through a form of medical examination occasionally to ascertain whether they are emotionally stable or not? It is not the first time celebs around the world enter the next world over issues that can be resolved without much hassles.
I sincerely wish Tiwa and Teebillz speedy recovery in sealing their rift, but celebs should try to be in their right frame of thinking and consider the consequences of their actions. Ok, lets assume he commits suicide... What will he tell God was the reason? Will He grant Teebillz pardon because he was not in the right state of his thinking faculty? These people need God men...

Over and out... make i go seek other amebor news....

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