Sunday, 24 April 2016

Story Story: Imagine How I Landed Myself Into Trouble With This Lady

I just ran into a female Facebook friend i had been toasting for almost two months now. When she saw me, she was like "Oh My God, is this not Olamz?" and i was like "yeahhhh"... I quickly recollected she was the one and my body was sweeting me. 

I then decided to take her to where we could just sit and gist so that i can see  how i can hasten up the scoping process. I had N1500 on me... I paid for our keke napep fare of N350, and was left with N1150.

When we got there, before I could order for malt for her, she ordered for 3bottles of big stout for 1500, and 2 plates of pepper soup that is 1000, nkwobi N800. She then asked me to go outside and buy her recharge card of N1500 that she needs to make urgent call.
Now I am outside...should I Buy The Card And Go Back:..or... in short i am confused... what do you think I should do? Please Help Me!!!

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