Monday, 25 April 2016

Story Story: My English WAEC Examination Experience

I was all geared up to write my English WAEC examination. Prior to that, i had not read enough to write anything reasonable but i got someone who would SMS the answers to me, while i was in the hall. With so much confidence in me, i got in and waited for my answer booklet to be given to me.

The examination started and i had not received any sms. I became agitated. Maybe his phone battery died or network decided it would not have sense to work properly. Either way, i was not finding it funny.

Out of my frustration, i decided to look around to see if i could get someone i could giraffe from. Lo and behold... The class guru (a female albino with nerd looking glasses and rope attached to it) was seated adjacent to me. My mind was at rest, at least i will not dub nonsense from this girl.

I decided to peep  through to see what could be grabbed but i noticed this lady was actually covering her work from external forces like me. The thing provoked me. I decided to tap her so that she could shake body small.

She shrugged me off in order for me not to devoid her mode of concentration. I tapped her once more and this time she decided to stand up and shout on me. I come dey wonder why she dey behave like pikin. Must she be the only one to get an A? Thought there is love in sharing.

When the invigilator heard the disturbance, she told him i was disturbing her. As a sharp guy, i explained that i wanted her to pick my eraser that fell near her.

While i was explaining, i received an sms which means alert don enter.  I did not bother checking my phone as i realized i could do without her. I then stoned her with a paper and got to my seat so that my dubbing process can officially begin.

I opened the phone and went straight to my inbox. That was when i knew i would fail English. I received an SMS telling me to dial *161*3# to subscribe to Mayourkun Eleko's ringback tune.  

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