Monday, 11 April 2016

Story Story: Who Is Smarter Between Me and My Girlfriend?

On a faithful day, me and my gf sat down inside my sitting room and we started discussing about something I cannot remember again.

All of a sudden, something struck me to see what my girlfriend stored my name as in her phone.

Me: baby lemme see your phone... and she gave it to me.

I called call her phone to know what she use to save my name and I saw 'my love'... Meanwhile I save her name with Ella 2.

She snatched the phone from me to see what I was doing.  She found out that I was confirming what she stored my name as... She replied:

Ella: Oya you too, bring your phone. I wanna see what you used to save my name...

Me: (shouting) .... So you don't trust me abi? why do u think I wanted to check to see if our mind works alike and now I see that we both save our name the same thing.

I stop shouting and said: "Baby we both are gonna be great together because you saved my name with your love and I saved your name as my precious. She smile and said "Don't worry, I know you saved my name with Ella2. I just wanna know who's Ella 3 cos that's not my number.... Meanwhile I know u used to check my phone so I jst changed your name back from olaide 3 to my love.....

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