Friday, 8 April 2016

VIDEO: This woman Cries Out How Economy Affects Her, Tells Buhari To... LEAVE THE THRONE

With the pains and agony Nigerians are going through, Nigerians have been using various means to air out their frustration to beg the president to do something about it, or leave his office.

Just as a lady shared a video on social media appealing to P-square to settle their beef, this woman has also done so for Buhari, lamenting how she is affected by the economy as a student. You can see the agony she used in complaining. She also wants the president to resign from office as she says she is suffering bad bad.

Will her strategy work? Anyways download video below.

Shock... This crying woman has a message to President Muhammadu Buhari
Posted by on Thursday, 7 April 2016
Wait is she for real? Food that used to cost N50 is now N1500? She no dey cook for house ne????? But why do i find that hard to believe? I am not ready to talk about her grammatical expression... LEAVE THE THRONE. lol
Video source: NAIJ

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