Monday, 18 April 2016

Why Mayorkun Has More Potentials Than B-Red and Sina Rambo

Tension arose in HKN camp when Davido revealed he is not in good terms with his cousins over the current level of success of the newly signed act Mayorkun, who gained fame following the release of his single titled ‘Eleko’. 

From the revelations, B-red or Shina Rambo are said to be unhappy about his success as they feel Davido did not support them as much as he did the newbie in the group. Come to think of it, based on the tracks the pioneer members sang in comparison with Mayorkun, I stand that he has more potentials in outshining than Davido’s cousins. And I have reasons.

First of all, with the way artistes in Nigeria are used to monotonous style of singing which comprises of ‘I get money’ ‘all the girls want me’ ‘I want to do you’ ‘haters no want my progress’ and countless same old lines,  B-Red and Sina Rambo did not come out to show they could do something different to thrill their potential fans. The duo are aware they do not have positive image in the eyes of the audience and instead of coming up with better strategies in their music, they kept on doing the same thing and expecting different result. 

Mayorkun on the other hand came with something different, slower beat, was not too keen about using the casual lyrics his record label members use (not that he did not use but it was not too obvious). This is part of the reason his acceptance. Anybody knows, for your to be rated good, you have to think different to stand out in the crowd.
Secondly, there is nothing Nigerians love more than hearing an artiste blend English with a whole lot of indigenous language. Even if Nigerians from other tribes do not understand the lyrics, it would be well supported as they would want to know the exact lyrical content. B-red and Sina are forming yankee with their songs and as entertainers, if you do not diversify how you mix words together with any beats, It is as good as mixing water and water… You will not notice any difference.
It is absolutely normal to feel this intimidation when someone input a lot of efforts in a project which flops at the end of the day. Time is everything… If it is not their time, it is not their time. Shey they claim they have money… If music does not seem to flourish after many years of work, any logical person would find other things doing to keep themselves busy, while trying to make their passion work.

Instead of all the beefs, it would have been better if Davido’s cousins try to undertake a proper understanding of the audience negative feedback so that they would come up with a plan to clear their doubts.

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