Monday, 4 April 2016

Wizkid and Linda Ikeji Are Just Behaving Like Two Big Babies...

So I have been observing with keen interest, the beef which has ensued between singer, Wizkid and notorious blogger Linda Ikeji which has been disturbing the existence of social media. From the points they always use to blast each other whenever they fight, I have come to the realization that the parties involved are just… Two big babies just waiting for each other to come for each other’s throat at every opportunity given. In short with the way things are going, it is only in heaven that they can come to an amicable resolve

Though one can never fully ascertain the origin of their beef as they would both have their version of the story, I would say that the duo each have their own equal share of the blame as their beef is not even an issue which needs to be dragged on social media. I would get my cock and shoot to blast the two in due course.

On Wizkid side, I do not see why a man would drag any matter with a woman because a woman would forever be a woman. No matter the idea you try to inculcate in her skull (every woman), there is always something she would say to prolong the issue which at the end of the day, will not get resolved. Even if she started the whole beef between you guys, coming to her social media page to make demeaning statement about her and become “Anti-Linda_Ikeji” with what other blogger’s write on her, just shows you are scared about her and be behaving cowardly.

Lets assume your PR team actually went to her to promote you and she declined, is she the only popular female blogger in Nigeria? Are you trying to say that if Linda does not promote you, you will not be bigger than you imagine? If she refuses a meeting with you, move on to the next one cos lets be realistic, there are many big time blogs owned by women, who are ready to chop your money for good promo.

Secondly, she exposed a lot of sh*t on your private lifestyle. If you do not want to be trolled and investigated upon, it is not best you minimize the kind of lifestyle you live to prevent people from finding out? Do not forget that you are a celebrity and being watched by media houses and paparazzi’s is a normal lifestyle because you chose to have a life where your privacy is little. If Linda Ikeji becomes the first to break news about your backyard life, do not blame her. She is breaking record. Let’s assume she lied about your Porsche on hire purchase, take a cue from how Richard Mofe-Damijo on how he made her stop reporting bad on him with a single tweet. That was the most epic way she has ever been dealt with. Forget he is older than her, if you are tactical, you will get her on your palm. Look at how Funke Akindele used her lawyers to threaten her when Linda Ikeji allegedly wrote lies aout her… Did not the case die? It is not everything you turn to a rant.

On Linda’s side… You ma catch head na. You say your job is to report good and bad. Unfortunately, you have been one sided reporting Wizkid’s matter for years as you have never had anything good to say about him in a long time. Where is the balance when all you do is report bad about one’s personal life when you cannot also say same if he does something good? Last time I checked, you and Olamide are also not in good terms and after he blasted you years back, you never had anything to do with him on your blog till date. Asides from when he had a feud with Don Jazzy (which is still not a positive news) are you trying to say you are scared of the fella ruining your career?

I refuse to believe when she says she does not have celebrity friends…. That is like the messed up lie I have heard this year. She knows Basketmouth, Denrele Edun and a lot of other celebs who she rolls with well.  When it comes to the bad things other blogs report, her own blog will stay mute on the issue. Is she saying she is not aware of them? Rather she is good at publicizing their works as well. This just shows the level of bias attitude she has towards news reportage on her blog.

When trying to defend sleeping with his directors, I must say she fell my hand. How can she say she can only go banging when in a committed relationship? Is she trying to console having s*x when she is sure that her man is being real? If that is so, then all atom of respect I have for her has diminished. We are in a world here men and women deceive each other into being serious and when the cookie or weaner has been tasted, they ball out like a conqueror. There is no excuse for having s*x in a relationship if you are not married to each other. God frowns at such. But oh well, when a woman is in rage mode, she would not think well when expressing herself until later when she realizes she f up.

We all know your business requires traffic and everybody knows you thrive in controversy. Take a chill pill, stop ruining people’s images and lives if you cannot balance stories on how you report on them.

Do not forget that there is no human on earth who does not have a skeleton in their closet. She that is claiming innocence, I am positive if people mean to dig on her, there would be things found on her, which can tarnish her image. She should not feel she is untouchable because nobody gives a damn about her private life or her past before being a blogger.

Now what is the solution? For the parties fighting who have never met each other, is it not better they have a meeting face-face to see the way forward. If she is afraid of him hurting her, invite the cops to serve as witness to prevent any chaos. I have never seen a disagreement between two people resolved via social media. Forget about celebs, they play stunts a lot. These two need to be real with each other face to face in order to arrive at a compromise. If it means them not having anything to do with each other, it is better than all these unnecessary fights.

I rest my case, I hope these two settle because this life is short. What will you tell God is the origin of your beef? Over earthly issues? Mchew I don vex too….

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